Three Amazing Things You Must Do While in New Zealand.

Three Amazing Things You Must Do While in New Zealand.

The country of New Zealand is jam-packed with adventure for all of those that wish to visit it. It is a place with breathtaking landscapes that almost feel and seem like you’re in a fantasy, foods that are unique and mouthwatering, sights that will really leave you in wonder, and so much more. It is the country where you’ll feel a lot more connected to nature than ever before, but with such a huge area to cover, what should you do first? 

Well, that’s where we come in! This article will tell you three amazing things you should definitely do in New Zealand on your first trip. Because it can be pretty difficult to do everything at once, let’s start off with these three first! 

Swim with Dolphins. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase swimming with the fishes? Well, how about swimming with the dolphins? Here in New Zealand, you can do just that! Swimming with dolphins is a pretty popular activity in the country, which can be found in the small island town of Kaikoura, and is rightfully named as Dusky Dolphin. It is also a pretty ethical way of seeing dolphins up close, unlike other sea creature attractions out there! 

So if you were the kid that grew up surrounded by dolphin posters, and dolphin shows, then this it the place where your wildest dreams can come true! 


Now, if you’re looking for a great place to eat, try out Fergburgers! It’s a really popular burger joint that dishes out some of the meatiest and mouthwatering burgers you will ever see and taste. They also have some pretty fast service, which makes the lines go by pretty quick and get you to your tasty burger as soon as possible. 

In terms of their menu, they are pretty diverse as well, with their fan favorite, the Sweet Bambi. So sorry about that Bambi! But if you prefer a more animal-friendly type of burger, then you can get a vegetarian option as well! Either way, if that’ll be your first stop in New Zealand, then Fergburgers are the way to go! 

Dig your Own Hot Tub. 

Have you ever heard of building your own hot tub for your own liking? Well, the Hot Water Beach in New Zealand provides you with exactly that! Here, the beach is well known for its hot waters beneath the sand, and because of this, people have learned to build or dig up their own hot tubs in order to have a bit of fun. Though, keep in mind, that the area is pretty secluded and can have a ton of people, so don’t raise your expectations too high. 

Still, just the thought of creating your own hot springs is already a pretty great activity in itself! So make sure to drop by whenever you can! 


The country of New Zealand is filled with a lot of weird and quirky activities to do. From swimming with dolphins to creating your own hot springs, it’s definitely a country worth checking out! But without a doubt, the main reason you should go to visit New Zealand is due to its culture and wholesome people. But that is a story for another day.