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Best Sights to See in Indianapolis.

Best Sights to See in Indianapolis.

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Indianapolis, otherwise known these days as Naptown, is considered the most populated city in the United States. So much for being a boring town with the name “Naptown”, right? And though it is called that, there are more than enough sights for travelers to see and experience themselves in this great city. From museums all the way to canals, you’ll be happy to know that your stay in Indy will be well worth the trouble. 

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Musem. 

Probably the number one thing Indy is known for is its famous speedway for races. You must’ve at least heard of the events like the Indy 500, right? Well, there’s a reason why it’s called Indy. And when you’re visiting Naptown, you’ll have the chance to visit the great National Historic Landmark by simply purchasing some race-themed tickets. A little fun fact actually, the actual race track has been around 1909, and before it became a museum 50 years later, over 100 races have been done there as well as the famous Indy 500. So when you’re in town, be sure to drop by and get some nostalgia as to how the racing scene was back then. 

Indiana War Memorial. 

Second, only to Washington D.C, Indianapolis has the biggest and best memorial for all veterans and those soldiers who had lost their lives during the war. This memorial actually has 2 museums for you to learn more about how the war was back then, three parks for everyone to enjoy a small picnic over, and over 3 acres of monuments and statues dedicated to the fallen heroes. And if you do plan on visiting the museums, be sure to spend more time in the Indiana War Memorial Museum, and feel completely immersed in history, with the Shrine Room that is completely breathtaking and it pays homage to all those who fought in World War 1. 

Central Canal. 

Probably the biggest landmark you’ll be visiting, the Central Canal is a 3-mile loop that flows by the Indiana State Museum, Victory Field, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the 250-acre White River State Park, among other tourist attractions. It is a huge canal that you can either walk by or even hire a professional gondolier to take you along the Canal and experience the City in a unique and special way. You will absolutely be blown away with how the City’s skyline forms, and even get to see a waterfall along the way! So if you want a pseudo tour across Naptown, then going along the Canal is definitely the best way for you. 


Those are just some of the major tourist attractions in Indianapolis. We haven’t even covered the Zoo and the various other museums it has! Well, when you do get there, you now at least have a better idea of where to go and the places to visit. And just because it’s nicknamed Naptown, does not mean you’ll find yourself sleeping or bored while you’re in town. You’re just going to have to look hard for the great things you can do in this historical city! …