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The Best Beaches to Check Out in Zambales.

The Best Beaches to Check Out in Zambales.

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When you talk about visiting the Philippines, you will often get suggestions to visit places like Metro Manila, Cebu, or Palawan. But not a lot of people will tell you the hidden gem that is Zambales

Zambales is a province to the North of Luzon and is found on the West. This means they are right next to the Souther China Sea, and that means beaches galore! There are so many beaches in fact, that this small list is just a taste of the shores you can see there! 

We know that time is limited when you’re on vacation, so to help you out, here are the best beaches you can check out in Zambales! 

Camara Island. 

If you’re looking for a beach where you can do some snorkeling, your good old swimming, or just have an instagrammable photoshoot, then Camara Island is the place to visit just for you! 

Camara island has some of the most scenic places you can visit on this side of the Philippines. It is surrounded by rocky hills, huge chunks of rock formations, boulders of rock, and a sand beach. And it also shows up a sandbar that can be seen during low tide. 

So if you’re looking for a starting beach that has everything you would want in one, then visiting Camara Island is definitely the best way to start your tour. 

Subic beach. 

Considered to be one of the most visited beaches in Zambales by tourists and locals, Subic beach is a great place to spend some time with the waves

It’s the most visited beach because of the fact that it would only take you three hours or less if you came from Metro Manila. Subic beach caters to every beach lover. From really affordable shores to high-end resorts, and even theme parks and inflatable islands, you’ll find a wide variety of places to stay in Subic Beach. 

As for activities, we mentioned that there are inflatable islands where everyone can have fun jumping around, as well as your typical snorkeling and diving in clear waters for the best beach experience! 

Anangawin cove. 

Now considered to be the best and most famous beach in Zambales, the Anangawin cove can be found in San Antonio and has a unique way of catching the beach lovers’ hearts. 

Anangawin cove has a crescent shape shore with clear waters and white sands to go along with it. It is surrounded by huge mountains, most of which are also accessible to climb. But the best part is that the cove does not have any resorts near it at all. You can instead choose to either get a cottage or bring your own tent for you to rest. And there is no electricity as well as low signal, making it one of the best places to visit if you really want to get away from everything for a while. 


Zambales is a heavily underrated province in the Philippines. It boasts some of the best beaches that not a lot of people from another country know about. From the scenic Camara island, the white sanded Subic beach, or the ever so unique Anangawin cove, you’ll find that Zambales is the place for every beach lover! …

Here are Three Reasons to Visit Florida

Here are Three Reasons to Visit Florida

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Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is a place where a lot of people come together and spend time with their loved ones. With the sun almost always in the sky, you’ll find that this warm and beautiful state has all the fun you’re looking for and so much more. 

And it’s also the state where there’s just a little bit of everything, for everyone! Whether you’re into history, want to explore nature, or just want to have some beach fun, then Florida is the state for you! 

So without further ado, here are three reasons why you should definitely visit the Sunshine State, Florida. 

Beautiful beaches. 

The number one thing that Florida is known for, is its year-round warmth from the sun. But by warm, we mean, hot really. And where better to spend the heat? Well, the beach of course! 

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches on this side of the United States! From Siesta Key Beaches to Tony South Beach in Miami, there is no end to the wonderful and amazing shorelines here. Wherever you go in Florida, there is bound to be a beach that will give you the most fun you’ll have! 

Enjoy warm waters, soft sands, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, that you can only find, in Florida! 

Prominent Nature Parks and Sites. 

Whether you’re a lone traveler that wants to explore nature by themselves or want to have a fun and enjoyable activity with the kids, Florida has nature parks and sites for all of you! 

Sunshine State is absolutely blessed with the nature theme, with places like the vivid Florida Reef, or the Everglades National Park. These are all sites where nature rules over everything and is an exciting activity to partake in! 

Just remember that these natural parks and sites are meant to be taken care of. So make sure to not litter or throw anything unnecessary in order to preserve the beauty of these places. 

Enjoying the Nightlife. 

Now, once the kids are asleep, sneak out into the night, and enjoy the wild nightlife that Florida has almost every night! 

Though it is Sunshine State, when the sun sets, the party just keeps ongoing. Enjoy the various theme parks during the day, but party right away with all the night clubs and bars around every street corner. 

And if you’re looking for the wildest of them all, then head on over to Miami City to experience a nightlife unlike any other. Just make sure you’ll be able to pick yourself up the next day of course. 


The state of Florida is a beautiful, and vivid state where the fun never stops for anybody. Whether you’re a family of four looking to spend your summer break the best way possible, a nature-loving couple from abroad that want to experience the amazing nature of the United States, or alone local looking to start somewhere new. The Sunshine State has a bit of everything just for you, and then some! …

Denmark and Three Reasons Why You Should Visit It.

Denmark and Three Reasons Why You Should Visit It.

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Considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Denmark remains to be one of the best tourist destinations to visit. Thanks to the country’s size, it’s a relatively small one, which makes it a fun place to check out thanks to the amount of stuff you can do in just one day! 

But not a lot of people see it that way, and because of that, they miss out on the chance to explore this gorgeous country. So to get you hooked on it even more, here are three simple reasons you should head over to the Nordic country, Denmark. 

#1 Palaces and Castles

Denmark is home to some of the most impressive and well-maintained palaces and castles in all of Europe. They definitely made sure to preserve their national heritage, and now, the castle doors are open to the public to see just how magnificent life was before. 

Also, a little fun fact, the famous play from William Shakesphere, Hamlet, was actually inspired by one of the castles in Denmark, the Kronborg Castle. It has since then been called Shakesphere’s castle, as a way of paying homage to the late and legendary writer. 

But don’t worry, because there are many more castles to be explored as well! Such as the Amalienborg Palace, the Rosenborg Castle, and even more! So if you’re looking to learn more about the renaissance period for all of Europe, then Denmark is the place to visit! 

#2 Windswept beaches. 

Generally, beaches are supposed to be warm and hot. A place that you want to go to during the summer and enjoy beach games and tanning. 

But in Denmark, it’s a little bit different. With over 7,300 kilometers of beaches, Denmark is a hotspot for windswept beaches. By that, we mean, beaches that are mostly dominated by strong winds rather than strong sunshine. But that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. 

The windswept beaches of Denmark are a great place to snap a pic, thanks to its very cinematic aesthetic. And it’s also a jackpot for professional photographers to take pictures for their magazines as well. 

#3 Experiencing “hygge” 

In layman’s terms, hygge means to experience warmth and comfort over the little things. And no other country in the world does this better, than Denmark itself. 

If anything, it’s actually a staple for the country and the locals, as they are considered to be the happiest country in the world. Hygge is their way of coping with the challenges that everyday life always gives us. So they do small things like wearing pajamas, relaxing by a fireplace, eating their favorite food, you name it. It’s a way for them to relax and be happy throughout their life. 

So if you want to find that hygge for yourself, there really is no better place to experience it than Denmark! 


The country of Denmark is riddled with museums and windswept beaches to visit. And although they are pretty amazing in their own right, it’s the people that live in this country that really make it a place worth visiting. Be it taking you through a tour in one of their castles, or experiencing hygge. The people of Denmark are sure to make you the happiest you can be. I mean, that’s what they’re all about! …

Three Amazing Things You Must Do While in New Zealand.

Three Amazing Things You Must Do While in New Zealand.

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The country of New Zealand is jam-packed with adventure for all of those that wish to visit it. It is a place with breathtaking landscapes that almost feel and seem like you’re in a fantasy, foods that are unique and mouthwatering, sights that will really leave you in wonder, and so much more. It is the country where you’ll feel a lot more connected to nature than ever before, but with such a huge area to cover, what should you do first? 

Well, that’s where we come in! This article will tell you three amazing things you should definitely do in New Zealand on your first trip. Because it can be pretty difficult to do everything at once, let’s start off with these three first! 

Swim with Dolphins. 

Have you ever heard of the phrase swimming with the fishes? Well, how about swimming with the dolphins? Here in New Zealand, you can do just that! Swimming with dolphins is a pretty popular activity in the country, which can be found in the small island town of Kaikoura, and is rightfully named as Dusky Dolphin. It is also a pretty ethical way of seeing dolphins up close, unlike other sea creature attractions out there! 

So if you were the kid that grew up surrounded by dolphin posters, and dolphin shows, then this it the place where your wildest dreams can come true! 


Now, if you’re looking for a great place to eat, try out Fergburgers! It’s a really popular burger joint that dishes out some of the meatiest and mouthwatering burgers you will ever see and taste. They also have some pretty fast service, which makes the lines go by pretty quick and get you to your tasty burger as soon as possible. 

In terms of their menu, they are pretty diverse as well, with their fan favorite, the Sweet Bambi. So sorry about that Bambi! But if you prefer a more animal-friendly type of burger, then you can get a vegetarian option as well! Either way, if that’ll be your first stop in New Zealand, then Fergburgers are the way to go! 

Dig your Own Hot Tub. 

Have you ever heard of building your own hot tub for your own liking? Well, the Hot Water Beach in New Zealand provides you with exactly that! Here, the beach is well known for its hot waters beneath the sand, and because of this, people have learned to build or dig up their own hot tubs in order to have a bit of fun. Though, keep in mind, that the area is pretty secluded and can have a ton of people, so don’t raise your expectations too high. 

Still, just the thought of creating your own hot springs is already a pretty great activity in itself! So make sure to drop by whenever you can! 


The country of New Zealand is filled with a lot of weird and quirky activities to do. From swimming with dolphins to creating your own hot springs, it’s definitely a country worth checking out! But without a doubt, the main reason you should go to visit New Zealand is due to its culture and wholesome people. But that is a story for another day. …

Alabama and the Best Places You Should Definitely Visit.

Alabama and the Best Places You Should Definitely Visit.

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The state of Alabama has gone through a lot of dark times in the past. It was the state where a lot of blood was shed during the American Civil War. Here, you will realize that a lot of what made up America the way it is now, is because of Alabama, with so many chapters of American history here. 

Filled with plantations, estates, and memorials that are sure to get your attention. Alabama has definitely gone through a lot over the course of American history. But here, you will also be able to see beauty unlike anywhere else. With beautiful beaches, numerous state parks, and so many nature reserves, you are sure to get a feel for the Earth here. So without further ado, here are the best places to visit in Alabama. 


The first step you should take here, or in any city, should be gentle and not too “in your face”. And no other city can do that than Auburn. It is a relatively small town, one that doesn’t have that many attractions. But what it lacks in tourist destinations, make up for with the people that live here. 

You see, the main attraction to this city is actually Auburn University. And with over 30,000 students, you are sure to get a fresh and young atmosphere all around town. It is the best way to get introduced to the state, without going too overboard. And you can also fancy yourself some great meals around the restaurants as well. 


Now, if you recall, I mentioned that the state of Alabama was heavily involved in the making of modern America. So historical events such as the Civil Rights Movement were also present in this state. And let me tell you, there is no other state to know more about said part of history, than Birmingham. Here, you can take on a Birmingham Civil Rights Tour which will tell you all you need to know about that event. 

But that’s not all there is to this city either. With so many people living here, the nightlife is a hit so feel free to head out during the night and party among the best with a wide array of bars and clubs. And the food here is definitely nothing to scoff at either! 

Orange beach. 

Now, what about a break from the concrete jungle? If you want to have a quick getaway to nature, then Orange beach is definitely the place just for you. It is a popular destination for tourists along the Gulf of Mexico and has some of the finest white sands you will ever encounter. 

But there is more to this place than a beautiful shore. If you instead fancy a hike, then you can go and take the Branyon Backcountry Trail. It’s a breathtaking hike that runs along freshwater lakes and coastal swamps. No doubt, if you’ve always wanted to explore the outdoors, then Orange Beach is the place just for you.


Alabama has a rich history filled with some of the main events that led America to the way it is today. From the Civil War all the way to the beautiful beaches, Alabama has it all except for one. You! So whenever you can, come on and explore the beautiful state of Alabama. …

Best Sights to See in Indianapolis.

Best Sights to See in Indianapolis.

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Indianapolis, otherwise known these days as Naptown, is considered the most populated city in the United States. So much for being a boring town with the name “Naptown”, right? And though it is called that, there are more than enough sights for travelers to see and experience themselves in this great city. From museums all the way to canals, you’ll be happy to know that your stay in Indy will be well worth the trouble. 

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Musem. 

Probably the number one thing Indy is known for is its famous speedway for races. You must’ve at least heard of the events like the Indy 500, right? Well, there’s a reason why it’s called Indy. And when you’re visiting Naptown, you’ll have the chance to visit the great National Historic Landmark by simply purchasing some race-themed tickets. A little fun fact actually, the actual race track has been around 1909, and before it became a museum 50 years later, over 100 races have been done there as well as the famous Indy 500. So when you’re in town, be sure to drop by and get some nostalgia as to how the racing scene was back then. 

Indiana War Memorial. 

Second, only to Washington D.C, Indianapolis has the biggest and best memorial for all veterans and those soldiers who had lost their lives during the war. This memorial actually has 2 museums for you to learn more about how the war was back then, three parks for everyone to enjoy a small picnic over, and over 3 acres of monuments and statues dedicated to the fallen heroes. And if you do plan on visiting the museums, be sure to spend more time in the Indiana War Memorial Museum, and feel completely immersed in history, with the Shrine Room that is completely breathtaking and it pays homage to all those who fought in World War 1. 

Central Canal. 

Probably the biggest landmark you’ll be visiting, the Central Canal is a 3-mile loop that flows by the Indiana State Museum, Victory Field, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the 250-acre White River State Park, among other tourist attractions. It is a huge canal that you can either walk by or even hire a professional gondolier to take you along the Canal and experience the City in a unique and special way. You will absolutely be blown away with how the City’s skyline forms, and even get to see a waterfall along the way! So if you want a pseudo tour across Naptown, then going along the Canal is definitely the best way for you. 


Those are just some of the major tourist attractions in Indianapolis. We haven’t even covered the Zoo and the various other museums it has! Well, when you do get there, you now at least have a better idea of where to go and the places to visit. And just because it’s nicknamed Naptown, does not mean you’ll find yourself sleeping or bored while you’re in town. You’re just going to have to look hard for the great things you can do in this historical city! …

The Milky Way in Colorado

The Milky Way in Colorado

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Can you remember the last time you looked at the stars? Or sat down and star gazed? Colorado is one of the states that have an amazing view of the Milky Way that seems lightyears away.

Time it Right

Planning out the perfect time to watch the Milky Way is important as it is not always around. It makes its grand appearance between April and September.

April and May would be for the early birds. The Milky Way appears right before dawn and vanishes as the sun comes up. Waking up to watch the Milky Way disappear into the sunrise, sounds like the perfect morning.

June to the beginning half of August is for the night owls. This is when the Milky Way appears around mid-night and usually stays out for the rest of the evening. This could be an amazing little night trip to get out of the house on the weekends.

The rest of August and the month of September is when you can probably see it the most. During these two months, the Milky Way appears as soon as the sun goes down and the sky turns dark. Talk about the perfect date night to have dinner and watch the stars take over as the sun fades into the sunset. So romantic!

Lights Out

Many people can see this extravagant sight from the comfort of their homes. Keep in mind that the more lights you are near, the less of the sky you will see.

In Colorado, some nights the towns have what they call “Lights Out.” This is where the whole town turns off their lights so everyone can enjoy the once in a lifetime view of the Milky Way.

Scenic Route

There are some locations you can go to see the stars better than usual like the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This park is open 24/7 and has sand for miles and miles. This means there are no mountains to block your view.

San Luia also has flat land for miles and miles. This area has dirt roads you can pull over and watch the stars from the top of your car or the back of your truck.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park is a gem itself. It is known for the colorful clay patterns that have been formed over thousands of years. You can walk in the bottom between the tall colorful columns they have, or you can climb to the top where it is flat. Can you imagine watching the stars from the top of those rocks? That would be the most unforgettable sight.

Rocky Mountain National Park is another option you can go to get a good view of the Milky Way. Just keep in mind that there may be some areas that have a lot of mountains and you might not be able to get the view you were wishing for compares to somewhere like the Sand Dunes.

Next time you want to stargaze and connect with nature, I suggest you take the trip to Colorado.…

Hilton Head’s Best Beaches: A Guide

Hilton Head’s Best Beaches: A Guide

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Beaches are a classic family-friendly destination, and for good reason. A day at the beach can be a memory you keep forever – blue skies, crashing waves, and enough sand to fill a silo. Hilton Head Island, located in South Carolina is a beach-lovers’ dream. Aptly named, Hilton Head is a barrier island just 20 miles northeast of neighboring Savannah, Georgia. Here are a few stunning water-side destinations you have to check out in Hilton Head! 

1. Burkes Beach 

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Burkes Beach checks all the boxes for what you would want in a waterside attraction. Located just next to Chaplin Community Park and Marriot’s SurfWatch Hotel, Burkes offers beautiful, cresting shores and perhaps more importantly, easy parking! There’s tons of sand space and room to safely move around. Burkes is also a popular destination for dog-owners, so don’t hesitate to bring Spot this weekend. 

2. Coligny Beach Park 

More than just a beach, Coligny offers both walking and biking trails – and even WiFi if you get sick of the outdoors! There’s free parking just across from the beach (which is always welcome, right?) and Coligny is within walking distance to the historic Coligny Plaza. There’s plenty of restaurants and shops nearby when you’re done tanning in the sun – including everything from a Tee Hut to a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, so you can be sure to stock up on snacks before you go. Just wait to eat them until you’re done swimming. 

3. Hilton Head Beach 

Of course, we’ve got to include Hilton Head’s namesake beach. Officially in season from the first of April to September 30, Hilton Head Beach is a local favorite and is located just off Admirals Drive. While the beach can get very busy, there’s a lot of room to go around. Check out places like Comedy Magic Cabaret or Carolina’s Cigars after you’re done, as they’re in easy walking distance. Really, if you’re in the area just once, head here and cross it off the bucket list.


There’s really nothing like a beach vacation. And in Hilton Head, you’ll be more than covered. Beaches as far as the eye can see, with winding bike paths, gorgeous walking trails, and even WiFi too. In fact, Hilton has 13 miles of beach and 64 miles of paths. Just be cautious about parking, stay safe in the water, and don’t eat too much at the nearby food joints before going for a swim.