Alabama and the Best Places You Should Definitely Visit.

Alabama and the Best Places You Should Definitely Visit.

The state of Alabama has gone through a lot of dark times in the past. It was the state where a lot of blood was shed during the American Civil War. Here, you will realize that a lot of what made up America the way it is now, is because of Alabama, with so many chapters of American history here. 

Filled with plantations, estates, and memorials that are sure to get your attention. Alabama has definitely gone through a lot over the course of American history. But here, you will also be able to see beauty unlike anywhere else. With beautiful beaches, numerous state parks, and so many nature reserves, you are sure to get a feel for the Earth here. So without further ado, here are the best places to visit in Alabama. 


The first step you should take here, or in any city, should be gentle and not too “in your face”. And no other city can do that than Auburn. It is a relatively small town, one that doesn’t have that many attractions. But what it lacks in tourist destinations, make up for with the people that live here. 

You see, the main attraction to this city is actually Auburn University. And with over 30,000 students, you are sure to get a fresh and young atmosphere all around town. It is the best way to get introduced to the state, without going too overboard. And you can also fancy yourself some great meals around the restaurants as well. 


Now, if you recall, I mentioned that the state of Alabama was heavily involved in the making of modern America. So historical events such as the Civil Rights Movement were also present in this state. And let me tell you, there is no other state to know more about said part of history, than Birmingham. Here, you can take on a Birmingham Civil Rights Tour which will tell you all you need to know about that event. 

But that’s not all there is to this city either. With so many people living here, the nightlife is a hit so feel free to head out during the night and party among the best with a wide array of bars and clubs. And the food here is definitely nothing to scoff at either! 

Orange beach. 

Now, what about a break from the concrete jungle? If you want to have a quick getaway to nature, then Orange beach is definitely the place just for you. It is a popular destination for tourists along the Gulf of Mexico and has some of the finest white sands you will ever encounter. 

But there is more to this place than a beautiful shore. If you instead fancy a hike, then you can go and take the Branyon Backcountry Trail. It’s a breathtaking hike that runs along freshwater lakes and coastal swamps. No doubt, if you’ve always wanted to explore the outdoors, then Orange Beach is the place just for you.


Alabama has a rich history filled with some of the main events that led America to the way it is today. From the Civil War all the way to the beautiful beaches, Alabama has it all except for one. You! So whenever you can, come on and explore the beautiful state of Alabama.