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The Best Beaches to Check Out in Zambales.

The Best Beaches to Check Out in Zambales.

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When you talk about visiting the Philippines, you will often get suggestions to visit places like Metro Manila, Cebu, or Palawan. But not a lot of people will tell you the hidden gem that is Zambales

Zambales is a province to the North of Luzon and is found on the West. This means they are right next to the Souther China Sea, and that means beaches galore! There are so many beaches in fact, that this small list is just a taste of the shores you can see there! 

We know that time is limited when you’re on vacation, so to help you out, here are the best beaches you can check out in Zambales! 

Camara Island. 

If you’re looking for a beach where you can do some snorkeling, your good old swimming, or just have an instagrammable photoshoot, then Camara Island is the place to visit just for you! 

Camara island has some of the most scenic places you can visit on this side of the Philippines. It is surrounded by rocky hills, huge chunks of rock formations, boulders of rock, and a sand beach. And it also shows up a sandbar that can be seen during low tide. 

So if you’re looking for a starting beach that has everything you would want in one, then visiting Camara Island is definitely the best way to start your tour. 

Subic beach. 

Considered to be one of the most visited beaches in Zambales by tourists and locals, Subic beach is a great place to spend some time with the waves

It’s the most visited beach because of the fact that it would only take you three hours or less if you came from Metro Manila. Subic beach caters to every beach lover. From really affordable shores to high-end resorts, and even theme parks and inflatable islands, you’ll find a wide variety of places to stay in Subic Beach. 

As for activities, we mentioned that there are inflatable islands where everyone can have fun jumping around, as well as your typical snorkeling and diving in clear waters for the best beach experience! 

Anangawin cove. 

Now considered to be the best and most famous beach in Zambales, the Anangawin cove can be found in San Antonio and has a unique way of catching the beach lovers’ hearts. 

Anangawin cove has a crescent shape shore with clear waters and white sands to go along with it. It is surrounded by huge mountains, most of which are also accessible to climb. But the best part is that the cove does not have any resorts near it at all. You can instead choose to either get a cottage or bring your own tent for you to rest. And there is no electricity as well as low signal, making it one of the best places to visit if you really want to get away from everything for a while. 


Zambales is a heavily underrated province in the Philippines. It boasts some of the best beaches that not a lot of people from another country know about. From the scenic Camara island, the white sanded Subic beach, or the ever so unique Anangawin cove, you’ll find that Zambales is the place for every beach lover! …